Educational park

Teaching is fun, entertaining teaches !

The educational park at Resort 36 is an innovative science and entertainment square that breaks the stereotype of a typical playground. All devices in our center allow the user to interact and observe the resulting physical phenomenon. Thanks to this form of entertainment, fun takes on a new dimension and will bring a lot of joy to both children and adults. It is worth adding that it is the only such complex in the area.

Our park includes such educational devices as: two coupled swings, a submarine, viscosity density, sound focus, electricity from a water wave, footbridge resonance, water whirl, cylindrical mirror with variable curvature. We wish you a lot of fun !

Two coupled swings

Vibration transmission phenomenon!


Density versus buoyancy !

Viscosity density

The surface tension of the liquid !

Electricity from a water wave

Energy transformations !

Focusing the sound

Let's talk !

Footbridge resonance

The phenomenon of resonance !

A whirlpool

Rotary movement of the liquid !